January 25, 2007


(January 26, 2007)
On Thursday, January 25th, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, the honourable George Smitherman, visited Credit Valley’s radiation treatment area. He toured the 4th treatment room which is currently being fitted with our 4th linear accelerator. Dr. Tom McGowan, medical director, radiation oncology, provided a demonstration of the machine for the Minister. The Minister then spoke to a small group of media and invited guests to acknowledge the $5 million in funding for the linear accelerator, CT sim and associated software and renovation costs required for this machine. More than 400 new patients an increase of 35 percent will benefit from better access to radiation treatment each year because of the additional radiation therapy capacity this machine will provide.
The video of each speech and the video demonstration of the linear accelerator is available to each of you through this flash video page. You will be able to see through video and 3D imaging and hear through Dr. McGowan’s narration, how the linear accelerator works. You will also be able to see and hear our chairman of the board of directors, Cheryl Englander’s very personal and eloquent experience as one of our first radiation therapy patients. You will also be able to witness the impact on the health minister of what he saw at Credit Valley and the high regard he has for each and every one of you – the staff who work so hard every day, to meet our patients’ needs, not just in oncology, but throughout the hospital.