About Credit Valley

Most of us don’t choose to become hospital patients.  At The Credit Valley Hospital we understand that coming to hospital can produce significant anxiety and in some instances, life-changing circumstances.  Recognizing this, Credit Valley, since it opened its doors almost 25 years ago, has sought to create a less threatening environment that speaks to healing and hope – salus et spes. 

The Credit Valley Hospital is a professional, caring, friendly health care organization that promotes life, health and innovation in a nurturing environment through the use of natural elements, such as sunlight, wood, water and fauna and the hospital’s award winning architectural design.  Programs such as the Music of Healing and Hope (shown above in the hospital’s main lobby, Arts in Medicine and Music Therapy programs help to nurture the soul while the body heals.

The hospital’s brand and graphic representation speaks to our motto of healing and hope.

CVH Logo

The foundation or base represents the hospital’s beginnings through the initiatives of individuals from within the original community. These community “roots” have grown to form a stethoscope representing the relationship between diagnosis and health. The tree represents health, life, our diverse community and our growing regional programs.

The Credit Valley Hospital is highly regarded among hospitals and health care professionals for our innovative,
can-do approach to providing quality patient care.  Although we continue to provide excellent community based patient and family centred care to the people of Mississauga and the surrounding region (approximately one million people), we are also a highly respected regional provider of cancer care, maternal/child care, genetics and renal dialysis. 

Service programs include:  general medicine, surgery, renal, oncology, emergency, mental health, continuing care/rehabilitation, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics and cardiac services as well as regional programs in medical genetics, nephrology, maternal/child care and oncology. 

A 330,000 square foot expansion to house the Carlo Fidani Peel Regional Cancer Centre and the Vijay Jeet and Neena Kanwar Ambulatory Care Centres opened in June 2005.

In June, 2008 the hospital began construction of the second phase of its expansion project to provide an additional 270,000 square feet and 70,000 renovated space to accommodate:

  • A new four storey inpatient unit (A wing)
  • A two storey/three level addition on the north side of the hospital (H wing)
  • Increasing capacity from 392 to 471 beds (with additional room for growth);
  • Doubling the number of labour and delivery rooms from seven to 15;
  • Two new caesarean section operating rooms
  • Increasing the number of bassinettes from 22 to 37 to facilitate care for pre-term and other newborns requiring specialized neonatal care.
  • A new high-dose radiation therapy suite and resources for expanded cancer treatments;
  • Expanded laboratory from 15,000 to 42,000 square feet

This phase II expansion will be completed in Spring 2011.  To accommodate the increased patient and visitor volumes the hospital is expanding its primary parking garage, slated for completion in Fall 2009.  A secondary parking facility to accommodate the ambulatory care and regional cancer centre patients opened in 2005.

The Credit Valley Hospital has consistently achieved the highest awards from Accreditation Canada meeting national safety and patient care standards.

CVH Facts and Figures

Our Staffing Complement

Full Time   1,728
Part Time, Casual and Temporary 1,402
Total 3,130


748 Adults    84,461 hours
577 youth  26,848 hours
1325 total 111,309 hours total

2008/09 Activity Snapshot

Activity 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09
Surgery 15,789 15,861 15,683
Births 4,864 4950 4930
Discharges 24,458 24,442 24,409
Emergency Visits 71,059 73,778 75,868
Other Outpatient Visits 336,548 370,284 393,296
Laboratory Workload Units 13,349,868 13,356,477 13,792,808
Diagnostic Imaging Workload Units 4,942,611 5,087,017 5,327,433


Did You Know:

In one year the hospital serves:
- 328,500 cartons of milk
- 10,850 kg or 23,920lbs of mashed potatoes
- 504,195 125ml juice portions
- 9,984 litres of hot cereal
- 14,040 portions of macaroni & cheese
- 150,644 bowls of soup per year or 25,609L
- 25,844 portions of jello



June 2009