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The President and CEO’s Report

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  • It is my pleasure to report to the members and guests at the 29th Annual General Meeting of the Credit Valley Hospital.
  • In keeping with our emphasis on accountability, this report will be read by many others as we will to post our entire annual report and annual meeting procedures on our award winning website rather than spend scarce dollars on glossy printed copies.
  • If you have not already accessed the website I recommend you do so
    • The address is easy to remember
  • On a monthly basis between 35,000 and 40,000 people access our website, 68% of whom are from Canada, 24% from the United States and a further 5% from China, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Germany and the remaining 3% from 17 different countries around the world.
    • The internet is an amazing accountability tool.
    • Look for our first Hospital Service Accountability Agreement with the Mississauga Halton LHIN to be posted on website by the end of the month.
    • Soon, we will be posting our infection rates and other performance measures on our website as well

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CVH is a “jewel in the crown” of high performing hospitals in Ontario

  • It seems fitting in this final report that I should begin with a few thank yous as it has indeed been a pleasure and privilege to be president and CEO of Credit Valley Hospital for almost 11 years – and all of our accomplishments can be attributed not to me but to our entire team.
  • First to our medical staff and all hospital staff.
    • Your individual commitment on a daily basis to our patients is the reason why Credit Valley Hospital is indeed a jewel in the crown of Ontario’s high performing hospitals.
  • To the medical and administrative leadership, I am continually amazed at your ability to rise to the occasion despite many obstacles in your way.
    • Teamwork is what will get you through the challenges of tomorrow.
  • To the senior management team who directly report to me I have said it before and it deserves to be repeated, we have one the most experienced, talented and dedicated senior management teams on the planet. Thank you for making me look good every day.
  • To our board of directors.
    • Thank you for the commitment and courage you have shown in the face of continuous uncertainty because of the political nature of health care
    • As well we all face the dilemma that demand for high quality accessible health care continues to outstrip our ability to pay.
  • To our Foundation Board, president Norma Bandler and her staff, a very big thank you for all that you do to connect our community to Credit Valley Hospital to provide those very essential donor dollars so that we can continue to be a leader in providing access to high quality care within a reasonable cost.
  • To our Volunteer Partners, you are the ones that make a difference in the lives of our patients from the perspective of the extra “high touch” that you provide in an increasingly “high-tech” world.
  • To the community of Mississauga, its citizens, politicians at all levels, and in particular to local MPP Bob Delaney who has demonstrated an exceptional dedication to the interests of Credit Valley Hospital, I thank you for your support.
  • Finally, thank you the Ministers of Health over the years as well as staff in the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and now the Mississauga Halton LHIN, with whom we often have challenges, but always with the understanding and respect that your jobs are equally if not more challenging than ours.
  • I concluded remarks at my first AGM at Credit Valley Hospital in 1998 by saying “we need more than ever before to recognize the value of teamwork and to support one another as we individually struggle to cope with the realities of today and at the same focus on planning and implementing our positive future which includes a regional cancer centre, a regional child and maternal care program and additions to inpatient and outpatient programs that will see Credit Valley Hospital almost double in size in the next five to ten years”.
  • At last year’s annual general meeting I noted “by encouragement and support from the board of directors, for which I am very grateful, I have agreed to stay on for one more year until August 31, 2008 for the express purpose of ensuring that there is a hole in the ground for A and H, and greater clarity on the future role of Credit Valley as a teaching hospital”.
  • I have no regrets with respect to my decision to stay on for that additional year, and I am proud to say that both of these objectives have been accomplished (check!).
  • And then there was the added bonus achievement in the last year – for 10 years I have had a dream of ensuring that physicians and other clinical support staff have access to a patients record no matter where they are: at home, in their office, at the hospital and no matter where the care was provided.
  • I am referring of course to Dan Germain and his team’s ingenuity and tenacity in ensuring that we now have a web portal called “REACH” which allow clinicians instantaneous access to real time data in the right place at the right time.
    • This is already available at three hospital corporations on six sites, and by the end of this year will be available for five hospital corporations on 11 sites serving nearly 2 million people (that’s bigger than most provinces in Canada!).
    • Dan, thank you for taking on the role of the eHealth lead with the LHIN and for assuring all of us of a safer hospital care system in the Mississauga Halton and Central West Local Health Integration Network’s.

“Playing to Win”

  • There have been so many achievements at Credit Valley Hospital in the last year we would need to extend this annual general meeting well into the evening for me to comment on all of them (I promise… ).
  • Suffice it to say that Credit Valley Hospital has exhibited the characteristics of an organization that is “playing to win”, as compared to many who play not to lose.
  • Let me just make a quick reference to the major directions outlined in our strategic plan and a sample of our achievements in the last year:

    concentrate on operational excellence of core programs and services

    Strategic Direction

  • We exceeded our goal with improving cancer surgery wait times, MRI and CT scan wait times, and we came very close to our goals for cataract, joint replacement and paediatric surgery.
  • We successfully introduced coping strategies while we waited for A and H project to be completed.
    • I am referring to our Lean Six Sigma project, slow stream rehab project, second endoscopy suite, satellite special care nursery, 2GB acute care unit, numerous other initiatives to improve throughput in our ER.
  • We collaborated with Cancer care Ontario and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to purchase two more LINACS, to be installed and operational by the end of 2008.
  • In the Ontario Hospital Association annual report card to the public, Credit Valley was named an exemplary performing hospital for clinical utilization and outcomes.
  • Show leadership as health system partner in fostering collaboration and integration with our external and internal stakeholders

    Strategic Direction

  • I have already referred to our internet portal and its benefits for patients and their caregivers.
  • Our EDDIE project continues to march forward. EDDIE stands for Electronic Data and Documentation Integrated Everywhere, and was rolled out as a pilot project in our special care nursery.
  • Over 80 of our medical and administrative leaders are actively engaged with our Local Health Integration Network in keeping with our corporate goal to help to ensure that our LHIN is the highest performing LHIN of all 14 in the province of Ontario.
    • Dr. Gysler will have more to say about clinical integration but there are also major projects underway in supply chain management, including the recruitment of a vice president who will be responsible to all four hospital CEO’s and a best practices initiative which is examining best practices throughout the world in 21 different service areas in all hospitals in our LHIN

    Create and enhance evidence based safety focused and patient centered systems for patients, their families and staff, physicians and volunteers

    Strategic Direction

  • Our patient and family centered care corporate initiative is lead by Marg Bachle who is determined that, through the efforts of all hospital staff, medical staff and volunteers, and with the help of former patients Credit Valley Hospital will also excel in patient satisfaction surveys reported in the OHA report card in the future.
  • be the workplace of choice that provides an enriching experience for staff, physicians, volunteers and maintains required human resource capacity

    Strategic Direction

  • The health and safety of our workers is critically important and I am pleased to report that not only did we receive the Platinum Award from BD (a company that provides training and equipment at the leading edge of protection of workers from needle stick injuries) we are about to be presented with the first ever Diamond Award making us the #1 leading edge institution in the country in terms of providing a safer environment for staff and patients.
  • In the last year we have introduced a code of conduct for staff, volunteers and physicians and a whistle blower policy to ensure accountability throughout the organization for compliance with all of our corporate values.
  • demonstrate a solid financial performance and a strong commitment to accountability

    Strategic Direction

  • As you will soon hear from our treasurer, I am extremely proud that we ended the fiscal year with a balanced budget (actually a small surplus before building depreciation).
  • We were also one of the first hospitals in the province to sign a Hospital Service Accountability Agreement with our LHIN in which we promised to balance our budget in the current year and to work together with them to ensure a balanced budget in 2009/10.
  • In the Ontario Hospital Association annual report card, Credit Valley Hospital was recognized as one of the top five hospitals in the province for exceptional financial performance.
  • Despite our challenges of population growth and ageing, Credit Valley is still delivering patient care at a cost below that expected by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.
  • We have continued our collaborative efforts with the GTA/905 Healthcare Alliance now rebranded as Growing Communities Alliance, as well as the Strong Communities Coalition and during the last provincial election gained recognition in a Toronto Star editorial entitled “Shameful Neglect of 905 Residents”.
    • This resulted in a political promise of $100 million in growth funding and an actual allocation in the current fiscal year of $30 million for hospitals in high growth communities.
  • Finally, as you will see in the audited financial statements, we have restored our cash position to what it was when I arrived at the hospital in 1997 – this bodes well for commitments made for payment of the construction costs of our parking additions and A and H blocks in 2010/11.
  • Our balanced scorecard and dashboard and update of our strategic plan are all fundamental building blocks towards improved performance accountability and transparency.
  • Our partnership with Sharpe to produce regular programming on donated flat screen TV’s throughout the hospital is another effort at accountability and public education.


  • Credit Valley Hospital is an award winning hospital. Here’s a quick review of the awards received in the last year.
  • In addition, I have just returned from Chicago where, thanks to the efforts of directors of nursing Shelley DeHay-Turner and Kathryn Hayward-Murray, and VP Marg Bachle and others, the global company Baxter launched a new infusion pump technology - we were given recognition for the work that our team did with them to design this new safer and more effective equipment.
  • We will be the first hospital in the world to receive the benefit of this new technology.

“The glass is half full, not half empty”

  • And now a few words about the future.
  • Ladies and gentlemen the glass is indeed half full and not half empty.
  • Yes there are challenges today, there will be challenges tomorrow, but Credit Valley is well positioned for the future.
  • A and H block will be completed in 2010/11 on time and under budget.
  • We have our “three pillars” strategy to ensure that Credit Valley Hospital will be able to contribute to the education of medical students and others, as well as provide access to high quality care for our patients in 2010/11 when A and H opens.
  • We are committed to improving our decision support so that clinicians have the tools they need to make the tough resource allocation and patient care decisions of the future.
  • With the active support of our local MPP Bob Delaney and his MPP colleagues we are securing approval to establish an off-site ambulatory surgery centre and open it by the time we have completed A and H block


“The Growth is Real and It’s Not Going to Stop”

  • I am very proud of what we have accomplished together in the last year and indeed in the last 11 years - the growth is real and it’s not going to stop, and we are catching up to the demand for hospital care in our community.
  • Over the last year we are an organization that has been “playing to win” and I am proud of the achievements of everyone and so sorry that there wasn’t time to list all of them in this report.
  • I will leave at the end of August full of confidence that creativity and innovation will remain alive at Credit Valley Hospital because we have good people.
  • We have built a solid foundation to enable us to come ever closer to achieving our vision “to be the finest hospital in Canada in the hearts and minds of the people we serve”.



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