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The Credit Valley Hospital is a professional, caring, health care organization that promotes life, health and innovation.  Credit Valley is known for its innovative, can-do approach to providing quality patient care to the people of Mississauga and the surrounding region (approximately one million people).

Credit Valley is a regional leader in specialized programs for clinical genetics, renal, maternal-child care and oncology, as well as core clinical programs in general medicine, surgery, emergency, mental health, rehabilitation, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics and cardiac services. 
The Mississauga Academy of Medicine (opening August 2011) will be a partnership between the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, University of Toronto Mississauga, The Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre.

Credit Valley supports the work of more than 4,700 staff, physicians, nurses and volunteers who handle over 700,000 patient visits to our location each year.

Credit Valley currently covers over 1 million square feet and is a 382-bed acute care inpatient facility, featuring a regional cancer and ambulatory care centre, a 24-emergency care centre, and a regional women’s and children’s health centre featuring an advanced level 2 neonatal intensive care unit and the largest paediatric oncology satellite program in Ontario outside of the Hospital for Sick Children.

The Credit Valley Hospital has consistently met Accreditation Canada’s national safety and patient care standards.  Credit Valley is also a provincial leader in reducing ER wait times.

Credit Valley by the Numbers (2010-2011)

  • Patient visits – 712,000
  • Inpatient admissions – 25,067
  • Outpatient visits (excl. Emergency and Ambulatory Care) – 346,270
  • Outpatient diagnostic services – 218,964
  • Emergency visits – 87,010
  • Surgical procedures – 20,744
  • Physicians – 449
  • Staff – 3,125
  • Volunteers – 1,134
  • Beds – 421
  • Budget - $324,393,854 million

Mississauga Academy of Medicine:

In February of 2006, the MOHLTC and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities announced a plan to create an Academy of Medicine at University of Toronto Mississauga involving the Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre.

The Mississauga Academy of Medicine officially opened in August 2011. Credit Valley will provide training at both the undergraduate and post graduate level. Fifty-four undergraduate students will formally begin their studies at the new Academy with 27 training at each hospital. The University of Toronto is establishing this Academy to increase the number of medical students and ultimately the number of doctors to serve the growing population.

CVH Facts and Figures

Our Staffing Complement...
Staff 3,125
Adult Volunteers 689
Youth Volunteers 445
Active/Associate Physicians 277
Courtesy Physicians 172


Activity Report FY 08/09 FY 09/10 FY 10/11
Surgery 15,683 15,837 15,651
Births 4,930 4,957 4,692
Discharges 24,409 20,001 19,975
Emergency Visits 75,868 83,742 87,010
Other Outpatient Visits 393,296 392,901 350,000
Laboratory Workload Units 13,792,808 13,341,351 6,182,695*
Diagnostic Imaging Workload Units 5,327,433 5,516,725 5,749,615

*This figure represents a change in the laboratory's reporting standards that were implemented on April 1, 2010



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